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Essential Questions – 9/11

Posted by Michelle Torrise on September 9, 2011

I just wanted to pass along a few 9/11 resources that were shared with me.   As a side note, my husband is a lieutenant on the Chicago Fire Department.  He was deeply impacted by the event.  He visited New York shortly after 9/11 with a group of fireman to attend funerals and memorials and still wears an engraved bracelet in memory of one of the fallen fireman.  This year (being the 10th anniversary) we have been talking a great deal about the event and how it changed America.

I’m sure you are/will be having similar conversations in your classrooms.    Consider posing  one or more essential questions to guide these discussions…to learn about what students are thinking…to encourage students to reflect of life experience…to reinforce connections between school and the real world.  A few interesting essential questions that came to my mind when I looked at the resources from Rights Working Group were:

  • How has 9/11 impacted my family/community?
  • Do I have a personal connection that I can reflect on?
  • How has life changed in my community, city, state as a result of 9/11?
  • What rights am I willing to give up to protect the nation as a whole?
  • What are the connections between 9/11 and history, law, science, etc.?

Just a few resources….

Discover Education 9.11: Rise, Reconnect and Remember – Resources, Free Webinars, 9/11 Theme Pages, Discussion Guides, and more.  Contact Michelle Torrise for Pass Code to access premium web site.

Free 9/11 Documentaries – Thank you Mr. Landreth!

Remembering 9/11:  Resources for the 10th Anniversary, World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.

Reflecting on our Loss and Reclaiming our Rights Resource Packet, Rights Working Group.

The 9/11 Tapes, New York Times


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