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What is Quality Professional Development?

Posted by Michelle Torrise on August 22, 2011

What is Quality Professional Development?  For me, it’s learning from and with peers in ways that get me excited about teaching.

This summer a group of teachers, administrators and fellow specialists, known as the District Leadership Team (DLT),  spent 8 non-consecutive days exploring quality teaching.  Using the same differentiated learning strategies that model quality teaching in the classroom, we dissected Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching.  We considered how our teaching practices at Westmont High School compare to Danielson’s Framework and how can it be used to guide us towards continued growth as quality educators.  We then worked together to plan our District’s first Institute Day.

As a media specialist, I was excited at the opportunity to focus on working with teachers and administrators to increase our focus on information literacy and 21st Century Skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, within the context of quality teaching.   In addition to my work on the DLT, I worked with our reading specialist to outline a research model that focusing on common core skills, and I worked with our assistant principal, Nancy Bartosz, to interview exiting seniors on their ideas of quality teaching.

Before I knew it, summer was over, but I wasn’t disappointed.   As far as I was concerned, I was excited about the new school year and ready to start implementing all the new tools I had discovered over the summer.


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