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Web 2.0 Tools For Educators

Posted by Michelle Torrise on August 8, 2009

How many Web 2.0 tools can one teacher use?  I advocate for using them all, or as many as you can–because the more of them you use, the more familiar and comfortable you will be improvising with them.

I challenge you to use a different one for each assignment.  Sound unmanageable?  Maybe, but you can keep a list of tools you use posted on your website or posted in your classroom and encourage students to use them interchangeably for assignments.  Let the students choose their favorites.  Simply ask them to email the link to you.

Why would you want to do this?   The skills students (and teachers) gain from using these tools are skills of collaboration and knowledge sharing.  Engaging students in multiple ways of building these skills will encourage students to use higher order thinking skills.    Tip:  Pick one login and password for all your Web 2.0 tools.

Some of my favorite Web 2.0 directories are listed below.

My Backpack – This unique pathfinder creatively lists applications by function including thumbnails of the application for easy recognition.

Go2web20 – I love this portal because of the thumbnail images, again making it easy to recognize that favorite app that you used back when.


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