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Integrate Online Collaboration Skills in Your Lessons w/Shareflow

Posted by Michelle Torrise on August 8, 2009

Online Line collaboration skills, e.g. sharing information, commenting, posting, document sharing, and IMing are important 21st Century Skills–skills students will need to have as they enter college.

Consider requiring the use of Shareflow in one of your lessons. It is as simple as adding an assignment as a new “Flow,” inviting students to join the “Flow,” and then letting the students take over.

Ask students to work in groups to document their research on a current event, for example. Ask that each group meet outside of class on Shareflow in a discussion group. Require students to comment on each others’ work. Require students to locate and attach video, primary source documents, and research articles related to their topic. All of these activities are recorded and can be monitored in real time, so teaching digital citizenship is also be a big part of a lesson with Shareflow.

While Shareflow is advertised as an alternative email tool–and some of the functions are cumbersome (like you have to plan out the order of your comments before you add them, because there is no way to move them around or sort them)–it is easy to imagine all the possibilities for using this tool in the classroom. The first 5 flows and 25 MG are free. And, the best part is students can do this all from home, so you can spend valuable class time having discussions rather than in the computer lab and still be fully integrating technology in your curriculum.


2 Responses to “Integrate Online Collaboration Skills in Your Lessons w/Shareflow”

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  2. Kate said

    Another great collaboration tool that can be a very useful in the classroom is Office Live Workspace. Have your students manage their own Workspaces and learn collaboratively on shared documents! They can save and share up to 5GB in the cloud for free. Check it out at

    MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

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