The Learning 2.0 School

Shifting Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in and out of the School Library

It’s no secret, I have been thinking a lot about Web 2.0 and school lately.

Posted by Michelle Torrise on February 7, 2009

I’ve learned many new things in library school about Web 2.0 technologies, but, mostly, I have questions, essential questions.

  • What is Web 2.0?
  • Is there a legitimate educational purpose for Web 2.0?
  • Do Web 2.0 technologies enhance the process of inquiry?
  • Is a Learning 2.0 classroom feasible?
  • Are there measurable benefits?
  • What is the role of the school library media specialist in bringing these technologies into the classroom?

Such is the focus of this blog that I have aptly titled, “The Learning 2.0 School.” I’m not certain what the answers to my questions will be, where my thoughts will go, or how others will influence the scope and sequence of future posts. What I do hope for is that I will find some answers, and that I will be a better teacher as a result of it. And, if I’m lucky, others will subscribe to my blog and join me in this exploration.


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